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What is the Primary FRCA?

FRCA stands for the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA) examination. It is the official examination candidates must successfully complete to practise as an anaesthetist in the UK.

The Primary FRCA examination is divided into two sections that are taken and passed separately:

As of 2007, the MMC has announced that the trainees must complete the Primary FRCA MCQ examination before applying for a Specialist Training Year 3 (ST3) training post.

Primary FRCA Recommended Online Courses

Primary FRCA online courses are excellent way for junior doctors preparing for their Primary FRCA exam to effectively revise Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) which follow the exam format. View our recommended Primary FRCA online course

Primary FRCA MCQ Examination Dates
10 February 2009
2 June 2009
15 Sept 2009
Application Closing Date (UK)
6 January 2009
21 April 2009
11 August 2009
Primary FRCA OSCE/SOE Examination Dates
6 October 2008
19 January 2008
11 May 2009
Application Closing Date (UK)
27 August 2008
2 December 2008
7 April 2009

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